Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Garden's Delight (new poem)

Garden's Delight (Poem)
by Tim Kavi

The beauty of flowers
illuminate dusty corridors
of garden paths in my mind
their living love shines

wavelike webs hang on
forested branches of green
protecting the lovely living
things that move across forest floors

into lanes of memories
clearly defined and refined
by history's marching dialectic
across all time

on the porch, she looks
like Gaia, a grandmother sees
the sprouting earthy designs
she resigns to peace, for a grandma's love

is the garden's delight.

afterword: on the first day of Spring a poem about gardens and the gardeners of Nature in the ever tending wisdom of the ancient goddess and elder wisdom.~TK 

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Sentry (Poem)

The Sentry (New Poem)
by Tim Kavi

A sentry, eyes piercing the dark
outside my window, sitting near the walk
a majestic creature, ready to defend me
from dangers, it brought to me treasures
songs to hark

looking sideways when greeted
slyness and cleverness entreated
the creature gleams with bright eyes
when the moon is shone in high places
a  mouse scurries, a treat meeted

a cat stands guard in my neighborhood.

afterword;  a poem inspired after I saw a cat outside my window and sitting near the street.~~TK

Friday, February 23, 2018

Grandmother from the Sea (New Poem) (With Afterword)

Grandmother From the Sea (Poem)

by Tim Kavi

Grandmother, from the sea, rising to meet me
For parched Earth, raining on existent one
Families, cultures, heroes, villages, city hills

Some wonder how they're made, or came to be
Across history's battlefields, battles won
Descriptive words fail me, for logic kills
Blue sea arrivals, goddesses are you

Bringers of wisdom, granddaughter grandson
Ignorance stalls, only loving knowledge wills
Across the promise of next morning's dew
Love fills.

Afterword: On the occasion of this, my late grandmother's birthday (1900), I composed this curtal sonnet, a homage to the wisdom and love of grandmothers everywhere. Rightfully, wise loving grandmothers represent the Great Mother goddess archetype. I've written about my grandma (the inspiring poet) in this blog before on this date. (See: My Grandma the Poet). A book of her own poems is still scheduled to be published by TiLu Press (my own publisher); Poems from the Heartland by Lura Newland will hopefully be published in just a few months. I love you, grandma!~~TK

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tree Paper Machine (New Poem)

Tree Paper Machine
by Tim Kavi

interconnected communicating
green limbs filled with life
bearing fruit
balancing energy in the shadowed forests
of Nature

becoming paper
dying leaves decay into the earth
seasons come and go
ideas transmitted
across the papers of existence

the ideas become machines
in the minds of those that seek to live
making tools that enslave
or make free
time and time again seasons

across the papers of history
annals of human created misery
transcending into beauty
that ascends rising
from the ashes

misbegotten machines
forgetting not our existence
the machines
have become our fascination
until what we say

is only through the interfacing
limbs of synthetic webs
devised by a network
tended to by machines

dependent upon machines
the gardens have forgotten
human attentions
and turn to seek one another
crying out in the night

of tree paper machine

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Therapist Eyes (New Poem)

Therapist Eyes (New Poem)
by Tim Kavi

gentle words
spoken powerfully
in the therapist's eyes

no one is lost
forsaken not
surprised yes

the roads
of discovery
healing journeys
have a chance to begin


look at the light
down the new roads
ends with smiles
in the faces
of hopeful change

and darknesses'

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

the whisperer (new poem)

the whisperer
by tim kavi

to the seashore
waves crashing the beach
warm sunbeams
birds sound overhead

in a shell
held up to an ear
eager and expectant
smiling nature

a path of delight

to the expanse of galaxies
near and distant
warm or cold
a tide of human exploration
there is only the silence
of space

sought for hope
gathered in an embrace
I heard a whisperer.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Country (New Poem)

"My Country"
by Tim Kavi

This is the moment
of appreciation and reflection
some have died for us to be here
and some lived in a new land

it is what we longed for
striven in the new mindfulness
melting pot
of You and I

communities different
longing to be knit together
a union of composites
sometimes opposing entropy
in a universe of love 
brotherhood and sisterhood
in a cradle of democracy

cosmic and free
where only unfettered
wings and spirits
light the night.