Tuesday, September 19, 2017

the whisperer (new poem)

the whisperer
by tim kavi

to the seashore
waves crashing the beach
warm sunbeams
birds sound overhead

in a shell
held up to an ear
eager and expectant
smiling nature

a path of delight

to the expanse of galaxies
near and distant
warm or cold
a tide of human exploration
there is only the silence
of space

sought for hope
gathered in an embrace
I heard a whisperer.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Country (New Poem)

"My Country"
by Tim Kavi

This is the moment
of appreciation and reflection
some have died for us to be here
and some lived in a new land

it is what we longed for
striven in the new mindfulness
melting pot
of You and I

communities different
longing to be knit together
a union of composites
sometimes opposing entropy
in a universe of love 
brotherhood and sisterhood
in a cradle of democracy

cosmic and free
where only unfettered
wings and spirits
light the night.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

stolen kiss

Stolen Kiss 

by Tim Kavi

rust breaks through and corrupts
the shining luster of lives lived
there are always the moments
lived in memories of sunlight
through the windows

the power of thieves
breaking in, alarms shrieking
but then a gentle recognition
a kind smile, of love's remembrance
new love's certain bounty

that first stolen kiss

Saturday, May 20, 2017

When Mars Fell Asleep
by Tim Kavi

boys want to play army in fields
lined with mines
they walk among their friends' blood
ghosts in the shadows

at your lap o Goddess, sleeping
lies the gods of war
the weapons of war lie at their feet
abandoned as once you were

love has won out in the future of bliss
where shadows walk openly in the sun
and gardens are again planted
in romantic passions of youth revisited
even to the very old

the streets are cleaned of spoils
reminders of the follies of gain
while warlike tribes and leaders think
that nothing lasts of temperate mold
what is without entropy; only the power of love

love has vanquished the dark night of souls
but Mars is only sleeping
may he wake up and find you again and again
your love is everlasting and patient
cities are in your fold

but the bombed out ruins need to be rebuilt
into new shining squares
and the weapons turned into ploughshares
must be cleaned while children
are allowed to be children again.

Mars and Venus by Botticelli

For the hope of peace and knowledge of a sure love,
some might see a vague reference to the influence of Lucretius here--TK

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Faceless Wonder (poem)

Faceless Wonder (New Poem)

by Tim Kavi

to the longed for

to the Goddess

I know not your name
in millenia
throughout space and time
all dimensions

Yours and mine

whether in woman
or in man
whether you call it soul
or anima made manifest
in many faces
and many lands

I long to know you
and adore you just the same

I look up
your face has become
a lotus
beneath you 
You gave birth
to all that is

as the lotus
peels back
souls are in expansion
in every universal breath

I see you
I know your name

it is Lajia Gauri
Lajja Gauri

please allow me
to dance the triumphant dance
as my patience 
is rewarded by your smiling
blissful being!

Hope Remains (New Poem)

Hope Remains (New Poem)by Tim Kavi

as I wondered
lying here I thought
the older I get
what happened to my past?

what happened to me?
what happened to them?
to so and so

when we were young
we imagined the world's problems
would soon be passed!

but things turned out 
to be not so simple
and while progress has been made

it hardly seems so
and not enough

there is still a need
for social justice
for fairness and empowerment 
to all regardless of creed
race or age

there is still a struggle
but hope remains
for both young and old

a world to be made!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Desperado (New Poem)

Desperado (New Poem)
by Tim Kavi
dusty trails
vanquished sunsets
uneasy sleeps
across winding
mountain trails

lonely teardrops
cannot atone
for evil deeds
that go unanswered

your regrets
are your sleeping partners
your loneliness
a reward

fugitives from justice
are ever pursued
by righteous fighters
against injustice

you know
your days are numbered
making all your promises
and loves
short lived.